Emma Hazlehurst - Group PT client (pictured right)

"My only regret is not starting training with Gaz sooner, always so supportive and encouraging. Each session is different so you never know what's coming next, the sessions are always fun but hard work! Safety and wellbeing is right at the top of his list always ensuring every exercise is performed in the correct way to minimise injury/strain. I cannot recommend his group training sessions enough it's great to train in a small group with like minded people. Excellent value for money always happy to answer any questions or worries I have. I can't believe how much I have achieved in the short time I have a been trying with Gaz. I am feeling so much healthier and stronger. I'm sleeping better and have so much more energy. Thank you for all your help Gaz" 



James Cafferky - 121 client

"I’ve been training with Gaz for around 6 months and all I can say is a massive thanks. I feel fitter, stronger and far more energised about exercising than I have done in the past. 

The sessions are always different and enjoyable. Even on the days I’ve not felt like training, (tired/stressed etc), within a few minutes it’s forgotten about. The sessions are rewarding and seem to fly by - especially the rest periods! The routines are tailored to my specific needs/goals and always push me further than I think possible without ever risking overreaching or injury. Although usually, (to be honest always), completely shattered by the end of the session, after a couple of deep breaths, I feel great and as though I’ve achieved something positive.

As a trainer Gaz is knowledgeable, passionate and encouraging. I’ve been a member of a few bigger gyms in the past and have just muddled my way through a variety of equipment without really having a working knowledge of what I’m doing or how it fits in with my goals. Throughout the sessions Gaz has explained how and why to do certain exercises and how they fit in together and also how to structure exercise away from the gym. I now feel far more confident in structuring my own exercise and how this fits in with my future targets.

As a one to one client of Gaz I can’t recommend him highly enough. The sessions are value for money, enjoyable and the gym is a hugely positive environment in which to train. 

Cheers Gaz"

Michelle Davenport, aged 42 - 121 client (pictured right/below)

"Taking the step of working with a personal trainer was a huge leap of faith for me. I was overweight, in denial about how unfit I really was and fearful of entering a gym. I recognised however, that in order to get the results I wanted I would need to overcome some of these fears and enlist the help of an expert. That’s where Gaz came in.

Michelle enjoys her sessions.....really!

Michelle enjoys her sessions.....really!

His professional, encouraging and non-judgemental manner made me feel instantly at ease and enabled me to put my trust in him from the very beginning. Trust is really important when working with a personal trainer because you will find yourself outside of your comfort zone at times. Having Gaz there each step of the way to teach, encourage and motivate me and celebrate my mini successes with, makes the journey so much easier for me.

Having regular sessions booked with Gaz ensure I turn up and work out, even when I think I don’t feel like it. Much to my surprise initially, I always feel so much better post workout and my energy levels have increased dramatically. I even sleep better since I’ve been training regularly!

One thing Gaz is particularly well known for amongst his clients is his strive for good form when doing exercises in order to minimise injury and maximise performance. I see many trainers with their clients and disappointingly, too few focus on this.

Gaz has a passion for health and fitness and takes a keen interest in his clients to ensure they remain on track to achieve their goals. His carefully planned out sessions are full of variety, so they always keep me interested and wondering what is coming next.

Gaz also runs some excellent group classes and I’m now a regular attendee at his weekly Bootcamp/Metafit classes. Many of his clients attend and in addition to a great workout, good fun is had by all!

Since training with Gaz, I’ve dropped two dress sizes, my fitness levels have improved greatly, and I’m doing things in the gym I never thought possible! I receive regular compliments with regards to my progress from family and friends, and exercise has now become something I just couldn’t imagine my life without. My journey is still on-going but I’m confident that with Gaz’s expertise and encouragement I will get there!

If you are feeling unhappy with your weight/fitness level but lack the motivation/knowledge as to how to address it, then give Gaz a call. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with his support and I guarantee you’ll wish you had made the decision sooner."


Andy Dutton, aged 28 - Bootcamp attendee, 121 client

"Gaz is an excellent personal trainer. I have attended both group and one on one sessions and I would highly recommend him. He is very demanding in a good way and always gets the best out of you always pushing for more reps, greater intensity and greater form so you get the maximum benefits from his sessions. He is patient when working through new exercises and movements and quickly works out how to get the best out of you whether as part of a larger group and applying competitive elements or one on one and giving you encouragement just at the time you need it most. I would highly recommend Gaz for a variety of fitness training programs."

Rob before on the left, three months later on the right.

Rob before on the left, three months later on the right.

Rob Oatway-Waters, aged 30, 121 and Group PT client (pictured right)

Here's a pic of the progress of one of my clients Rob. He started sessions with me wanting to gain some size and strength as he was very lean with little muscle mass.

We're still working to sort his diet as well as increasing the intensity of sessions to focus on shedding that unwanted fat, but he's put in some serious hours in the gym and worked really hard!

On top of the visible results, Rob feels stronger and confident on a day to day basis both in the body and mind, which is what I always aim to promote with my clients!


Vicky Pinder, aged 32 - 121 client

"I loved every minute of my training session with Gaz, he's really friendly and easy to talk to, so I felt able to ask him anything I wasn't sure about without feeling silly! Gaz is very knowledgable and happy to help with all aspects of training, he also gave me a lot of advice about diet and nutrition.  The session was challenging but achievable and I would recommend him to any one of any level of fitness!"

Tim Wong, aged 31 - 121 client (below)

"I've been training with Gaz for almost a year now and Ioved every minute of it...even on leg day!! Before I trained with Gaz, I was a regular at the gym but wanted to take it further to learn new ways of training and also to understand the nutritional side of it all. I've learnt so much in both aspects in terms of how to prepare my body to train, by how I need to fuel my body but also the simple things you take for granted like warming up and stretching. 

Gaz will take you through your training and all the while he'll be looking at where your weaknesses might be and work on strengthening that area. He will push you and motivate you and get you doing the training you'd shy away from if you were training by yourself. And, on top of it all, he's a really decent guy who genuinely cares about making sure you get what you want from your sessions. 

I'd highly recommend Gaz to anyone looking for a bit of motivation and guidance in reaching their goals!"

Rick Crooks, aged 51 - 121 client

"I have trained with Gaz Burrows for several months and have to say he is a great personal trainer. Not only does he get the job done, he is very personable and makes the training very enjoyable.

I have a arthritic condition in my back so Gaz tailored the sessions to suit me which was great. Nothing but praise for this trainer and I highly recommend him."

Nicola Greaves, aged 36 - 121 client (pictured left/below)

"Making the decision to train with Gaz has definitely been one of my better ones! My goals are to be fit, healthy, strong, focused and ultimately - happy!  I believe that I am becoming closer and closer to each of those targets with every single session.  I’m enjoying every aspect of the training - even his killer circuits. The benefits are definitely worth it and make me want to do more each time. 

I, like many, join gyms or develop my own exercise routines, with all good intentions but very limited success.  This is down to many reasons (excuses!) Lack of time, energy, poor ability, being self-conscious and low motivation.  Combined, these have made me give up before I have ever really started, leaving me feeling worse than I did before.  I knew that to really overcome all these barriers and excuses I needed help. Cue Gaz!  

Current progress of Nicola in the two months I have worked with her

Current progress of Nicola in the two months I have worked with her

The fixture of having sessions booked means I make the time, even when I ‘think’ I haven’t got it.  My energy levels have increased to beyond what I’ve felt for years and I’m learning the techniques and developing my ability, which I would never be able to do without Gazs expertise and guidance. This has all led to me being more and more motivated – and if I’m not Gaz tells me to do it anyway! With his relaxed, friendly persona, encouragement and expert instruction I’m far less self-conscious than I can ever remember being!   

Training and a healthy focused outlook is, and will now remain, an ongoing part of my life - not just a phase as it has been so many times before. Having Gaz to push, educate and support me I am achieving everything I set out to achieve and more. Strong body, strong mind, focused and happy!"



Charlotte Wilson, aged 32 - 121 client (pictured right)

"Gaz is an extremely professional, approachable and adaptable trainer. He takes an active planned approach to each session and no two sessions are ever the same. 

I wasn’t new to exercise before I started training with Gaz but my motivation had disintegrated and I was fast becoming a couch potato. I had tried a number of different approaches to shake up my workouts but often found I was putting in little or no effort, basically I was bored! 

Since starting training with Gaz my motivation levels have rocketed and my desire to be lean is back. Gaz is introducing me to a whole new range of exercises that I hadn’t ever considered doing, not only because I was intimidated by the equipment but because I considered it to be too difficult and something that mainly men did, how wrong was I!  Gaz takes a genuine interest in his clients and listens to their specific requirements. His enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle is infectious and he is a trainer with passion for what he does. 

I am certain that by the end of this year after only 5 months of training I will be fitter, stronger and healthier than I have ever been before which will be a direct result of the guidance, support and motivation from this excellent trainer."

Julie Partis, aged 50, 121 client

"I started training with Gaz as I was very unfit and needed to improve my overall fitness and strength.  My ultimate goal was to pass a job related fitness test. In 4 months I got stronger, fitter, faster and lost a fair bit of weight. My muscles are more defined and I feel a lot better in general. As a trainer, Gaz is knowledgable and motivational.  He plans specific workouts using weights and all manner of "gym toys" to target areas needing improvement, he also changes things up each session so it never gets boring.  He helped with a bit of physiotherapy when my knees were aching,  I still use a foam roller before/after my workouts when required.  I didn't partake in any of his group classes, but saw a few who did afterwards and they all looked worn out! He is energetic, enthusiastic and friendly.  I would highly recommend anyone looking for a personal trainer to give Gaz a call.  You won't be disappointed!!"