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TEAM BPT Group Personal Training

TEAM BPT is the complete strength building, fat burning and fitness boosting programme GUARANTEED to get you the healthy, lean body you deserve.

If you're reading this, chances are you already know a bit about me. As a trainer/coach/friend, I have a proven success rate with previous and current clients. I ensure workouts are tailored specifically for you, I listen to your needs making sure you obtain the nutritional advice to aid your journey away from the gym and I know exactly how to get you where you want to be.


How does the TEAM BPT coaching program work?

The TEAM BPT coaching program will take you through the stages that will enable you to build solid strength, drop unwanted body fat, increase overall fitness levels and develop bulletproof nutritional knowledge.


Build your body, mindset, knowledge and confidence all whilst building your support network, foundation to progress from and ultimately a new, stronger you.


Maximise your physical strength. Maximise your mental strength.Maximise your rest and recovery. Raise your bar. Raise your standards. Raise your life quality. Reach your potential. Be your potential.


Trust and believe in yourself. Trust and believe in your capabilities. Surround yourself with the people that support. Be resilient. Be accountable. See possibilities. Challenge yourself. Be you and share your passion.

You'll learn exactly...

how to effectively mobilise the joints to stay STRONG and prevent injury.

You'll perform key movements that will guarantee BIG results.

You'll rapidly increase FITNESS levels.

You'll get LEAN, building solid muscle and strength that most strive for.

Each session begins with a comprehensive warm up, developed to increase your heart rate and ready yourself for the session. You'll then move onto the focused movement, be it deadlifts, pull ups, bench press, press ups, the movements that will get you strong. Accessory lifts come next, designed to tone, sculpt and define your physique. Then it's time to build fitness and burn fat my personalised conditioning rounds.

Sessions are effective, fun and incredibly satisfying, whilst designed for all abilities at any level.

You have the flexibility to attend any of the current sessions below.

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All my current group members love training with each other, offering encouragement and support whilst working through the sessions together.

If you're serious about getting results, these sessions are for you.


How much does it cost?

Finances may be an issue going forward and can unfortunately play a huge factor in staying fit and healthy. I totally get it.

Saying that, I truly believe that if you are fit, healthy and mentally focused everything else in life will stem from that, enabling you to perform daily tasks to the best of your ability.

You'll feel great, you'll look great, you'll thrive in life!

That's why I have put together this programme that works, for an extremely affordable price. I take pride in being open and honest with my rates and I don't believe anyone should be held back from achieving their goals.

Unlimited training sessions - £140 per month

-> Including FREE unlimited access to THE LOCKER class timetable, gaining access to classes such as PILATES, SPIN and FIIT. <-

As you can see, you can train consistently, at any of the sessions that suit and make strong progressive steps towards your goal to ultimately achieve the results you've been striving for. 

*** Membership payments are to be made through a monthly standing order, set up for the 1st of the month. I will contact you directly with details once I receive your interest. You have the freedom to cancel your standing order at any time, no questions asked, all I require is for a minimum of 2 weeks notice.***

For this monthly investment, you will also benefit from: 

- the use of a PRIVATE TEAM BPT Facebook support group

- nutritional advice and access to the BPT NUTRITIONAL MASTER PLAN digital download

 - a full log of workouts along with your own personalised folder and progress sheets

- my undivided attention and ongoing support to ensure goals are smashed.

More importantly, you will learn how to perform exercises correctly and effectively ensuring you hit your goals fast.

I am that confident you will LOVE the sessions, the environment, the results and the training as a whole, that I am offering a complete MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ON YOUR FIRST MONTHLY INVESTMENT should you decide the sessions aren't for you.

That's one full month, completely RISK FREE.

Click the button below to get started and I look forward to speaking to you very soon!

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