I left my 9-5 office job 4 years ago to follow my passion in health and fitness full time. Since then I have trained countless clients on a 121 and group basis, helping achieve in all areas of their life, from dropping body fat and gaining strength to competing in professional sports and events.

I love strength training, nutrition, athleticism and overall health, addressing mindset, sleep, stress and creating healthy sustainable habits. I have travelled all over the world to train with fellow mentors, most recently over in Miami at Strength Camp and am a fully qualified Sports Massage Therapist.

As a certified Body Type Nutrition coach, who has followed a plant based/vegetarian lifestyle since the age of 23, I have developed extensive knowledge in the nutrition field working with a wide variety of clients with unique dietary needs.

I'm based in Stockport and started out teaching classes like aerobics, Zumba, spin etc in a variety of different leisure clubs way back in 2005! 

I still enjoy teaching classes here and there, but my main focus has been personal training for the last 4 years, as I love working closely with people and seeing the progress and results! 

I'm also a Mum of 5 boys aged 10, 8, 8, 2 & 3 months and specialise in pre and post natal exercise (kinda made sense to go down that route and combine the Mummy/Fitness experience I have). I have also trained clients in physique and bodybuilding competition prep tailoring diet and exercise plans for healthy fat loss and muscle gain.

I pride myself on being an empathetic, non-judgemental and realistic coach, delivering bespoke, adaptable plans for my clients.

I am a level 3 personal trainer, and certified Body Type Nutrition coach. I am a mum of two under five and as such struggle with the same barriers as most of my clients, both mums and dads! I love to help people break the perpetual diet cycle and give them the confidence to believe in themselves. 

I enjoy Olympic Lifting, Crossfit and you'll regularly find me hanging out on my yoga mat and teaching kettlebell classes. My favourite exercise is the Turkish get up and my favourite food is cheese (with a glass of red, of course!).