LIVE LEAN 10 is an exclusive and personalised 10 week online training, nutrition and pilates program designed for those looking to lose weight, build strength, gain fitness and to ultimately feel great.

The workouts require no equipment, are time effective and can done at home. The nutrition plan is simple, easy to follow and has flexibility to enjoy the foods you love. The support is invaluable.

Let me break it down...


You'll receive your workout plan on day 1 of the course along with a tutorial video from myself giving you everything you need in order to effectively complete it. You'll complete this workout up to 3 times that week. Each week you'll receive a new workout, which will enable you to build a portfolio of sessions to keep. Every workout will take no longer than 20 minutes to complete.

At the end of each week you'll receive a pilates session, again with a video from Jess guiding you through the sequence and explaining how to effectively work through each routine to get the most from your session. 


You'll receive a nutrition plan specifically tailored for your goals. It'll offer variety, will cater for all nutritional requirements and will be sent in an easy to follow, printable format which can also be viewed on all mobile and desktop platforms.

We'll review your progress together on week 5 of your 10 week program and make sure you're well on your way to achieving your goals.


Once enrolled in the LIVE LEAN 10 plan, you'll be added into our exclusive Facebook support group. The group is there to share ideas, ask questions and provide encouragement for each other during the course.

Both myself and Jess will also be on hand in the group to provide any assistance you may require throughout the 10 weeks.

There will be live Q&As and video support each week where you'll be able to ask us anything nutrition, exercise or lifestyle related and we'll also be available 24/7 through our email support address which you'll receive  upon sign up.


If the LIVE LEAN 10 course sounds ideal for you, simply fill out the form below answering some real quick questions to get started and we'll be in touch with a confirmation and formal welcome into the program.

The cost of the LIVE LEAN 10 program is £75 for the full 10 weeks. That's just £7.50 per week for all of the above.

Your can secure your place for FREE and try the course for 10 days.

Should you decide the course is not for you after your 10 day trail, you can leave no questions asked. A payment of £75 for the 10 week course is required after your 10 day trail should you continue with the full, exclusive course.

You'll receive everything else you need to know prior to and ready for your start date.