Ever wondered just HOW to build muscle, drop unwanted body fat and increase fitness levels all at the same time?

Finally, HYBRID SESSIONS is live. The COMPLETE strength and muscle building, fat burning program.

When I first started training myself, a complete beginner to the gym with no clue where to start, I searched the net for programs that would suit what I was set out to achieve and to provide me with some guidance.  What was it that I wanted? I wanted a program that would enable me to build muscle and achieve a lean physique, quick. A program that would enable me to get strong and fast. A program that would increase my fitness levels and most importantly a program that would ensure I dropped FAT so I could look and feel better in my own skin. 

I struggled to find one that suited my needs, a workout that I enjoyed and I could use long term. I got bored very quickly. I decided to take matters into my own hands and pieced together elements of training from different routines, trainers and programs to create a program that has it all. A effective workout plan that will hit all of my goals at the same time. A HYBRID training program.

So who am I? Chances are you already know. An experienced, passionate trainer with a PROVEN track record working with clients past and present consistently achieving fantastic results, see for yourself here http://www.burrowspt.com/testimonials/ I'm a friend, a team member and I have brought YOU this routine to make it as fun and as easy as possible for you to get the results you want.

Ready to begin?

I've done it all for you. Here is exactly what you get when following the HYBRID SESSIONS program;

- a complete workout program guaranteed to build muscle AND drop fat

- printable exercise manual, essential nutritional facts to aid diet outside of the gym, workout logs and periodisation to crush plateaus

- access to the EXCLUSIVE video library, including full mobility routine, showing exactly how to perform each exercise to maximise results

- email support directly from myself, always available to answer and questions you may have

- a YEARLY cycle of training, making this routine the only one you need

If you are TIRED of feeling run down, unhealthy, sluggish and demotivated then this is for you. You will learn ESSENTIAL movements that get results FAST, all whilst building the CONFIDENCE you need to train independently. You owe it to yourself.

But WAIT. I don't have access to a gym?

Don't have access to a gym or just prefer to train outdoors, at home or anywhere that suits you? Sometimes I don't want to be stuck inside a gym. I want to get outdoors or train in the comfort of my own home. Sometimes I am a little stuck for time and require a fast and effective workout before I set out on my day. That is why I have designed a bodyweight routine that anyone can do anywhere, using simple yet effective exercises that will build structural integrity, strength and drop fat fast. 


- train the HYBRID SESSIONS way, with no equipment at all. Suitable for all levels.

- 2 full week cycles, guaranteed to see results fast

- full access to the HYBRID SESSIONS manual, with nutritional advice to aid your journey

- complete exercise video library with mobility sequence to guide you through routines safely and effectively

- full email support directly from myself

So, what next?

You can get HYBRID SESSIONS today. Right now and start TODAY. Here are the options:

Hybrid Sessions FULL (both the main workout and the bodyweight workout) for just £25

Hybrid Sessions MAIN (the main workout only) for £20

Hybrid Sessions BODYWEIGHT (the bodyweight workout only) for £10


As you can see, this routine is very affordable and will be the only workout program you need to get the results you need. Once purchased, you will receive an email directly from me with an exclusive password to access the video library on burrowspt.com along with your downloads. 



*** Should you try the program for 30 days and not see a boost in strength, fitness and reduction of body fat, I will give you back 100% of the money you have paid. It's tried by me and my clients, I have full confidence you will love it. ****

There are countless trainers around at the minute promising results, so it's understandable you may have your doubts. Simply drop me an email to burrows.fitness(at)gmail.com and I will refund your investment no questions asked.

Why wait for the right time? Start now. Enjoy your training. Enjoy your journey. Enjoy training HYBRID.