What is Fit Strong Lean Online?

Back in 2014 Fit Strong Lean (or FSL) was born.

I set out with the aim to provide quality, affordable, fun and effective group training.

FSL members set out to succeed. These were people that were sick of not getting results they deserved, tired of working with trainers that didn't truly care and were struggling to make sense of the conflicting and confusing information found online.

FSL offered simplicity and clarity in the midst of all the confusion...

- an effective, periodised program that is easy to follow

- the nutritional knowledge to eat exactly for your specific goal

- the support and stability of an experienced coach in a like minded community

- the confidence to succeed

With the success of my group training program in Stockport, Manchester, I have opened the doors WORLDWIDE for FIT STRONG LEAN ONLINE.

So what will FSL Online offer me?

As a fully fledged member of the FIT STRONG LEAN community, you will receive...

- 121 online coaching from one of the FSL team (click to MEET THE COACHES), including regular check ins to ensure ongoing progress

- a complete, tailored workout and nutrition plan, goal specific for YOU

- dietary guidance, support and advice throughout

-access to our FREE NUTRITION MASTER PLAN, the complete self help guide which will cover everything you require, making you bulletproof when it comes to nutrition and overall health

- access to the FSL online Facebook Group with weekly live talks and Q&As directly from our coaches

- the CONFIDENCE to go about your day to day with focus, strength and structure

What do we need from you?

Health, fitness and nutrition is my passion. I have dedicated my life to research, courses and personal development to ensure I can provide the best possible service to anyone who works with me. 

The above applies to all of the FSL coaches.

Be it fitness, resistance training, nutrition, mobility, injury, mindset or lifestyle in general, we have it covered.

As a member, all that we ask for is your 100% commitment, honesty and consistency going forward. We can absolutely ensure you get the results you are chasing if you approach FSL with an open mind, ready for positive change.

If you can guarantee that, we can guide and support you through what could potentially be a life changing experience.

How much will FSL Online cost?

FSL Online costs just £47 per month or...

£125 for your FIRST 12 WEEKS

That's as little as £9.75 per week.

The next steps will be discussed directly with your chosen coach. 

What happens next?

Simply complete the form below, stating the coach you would like to contact (more details can be found at MEET THE COACHES) and they will be in touch directly via your preferred contact method within 24 hours for your FREE consultation to discuss goals going forward.