10 ways to BE and ACT more CONFIDENT.

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Confident is something a majority of us want to feel.

We want to be confident in our jobs. We want to know exactly how to achieve our goals, promptly, with a foolproof plan of getting there. We want security and stability, both financially and emotionally. We want to know exactly what we're good at and we want to portray that to others.

Confidence is attractive. Confidence may enable us to take action. It's self fulfilling. It's infectious. It's provides self assurance. An appreciation of ones capabilities, abilities and personal skill set.

Confidence has POWER.

Below are 10 key ways I believe have the power to find and anchor that inner confidence we at times, desperately need.

1 - Know you are enough

The first step in achieving any goal is to accept who you are, where you currently stand and the choices made up present. Happiness is key in becoming a new, confident you and we can only be truly happy through acceptance. Focus solely on your position in life. Focus on where you want to be. Understand that no comments or actions from others, good or bad, can sway or derail you from your path. You are enough and completely capable of achieving anything, first and foremost!

2 - Avoid comparison

I think to an extent we all compare. We get a snapshot of someone else's perfect life on our phone which then potentially has the power to impact our whole day. Why don't I have that career? I wish I had that much money! How can they look that good? Their life is perfect! Sizing yourself up with others is a completely pointless task. Recognise your value. Everyone has something to offer. You have a gift to share with the world. Like I say, we all compare to an extent. It's simply a case of then bringing any thoughts back to you, your goal and what you can offer to develop and maintain that level of confidence.

3 - Do what you want to do and stay true to your beliefs

You've got a goal. You've got something you want to do or achieve. You've got a dream. You've got a plan going forward. You've got beliefs and a why for your future. Good! Stick to it! One huge reason people find themselves losing confidence in themselves, the people around them or their current situation, is that it can be easy to get drawn in by what people say you "should" be doing. Do the things you WANT to do. Do the things that will get you where you need to be. Say yes and no with CONVICTION

4 - Learn to listen and listen to learn

Listening is a skill a lot of people lack. To build your own confidence and personal development, taking a step back to listen to what others have to say is a vital part of growth. There's nothing to prove. We have our goals set. We have our own path. We can listen, interact and take any knowledge gained to use in our own personal mission. General interactions aren't opportunities to prove ourselves. They are simply interactions and opportunities to share ideas and help each other.

5 - Dream big, yet set small goals

Goals are a must for everyone. If we have no goals in life then what's worth living! Dream big, whatever the dream may be, it's important! What is key in terms of feeling confident is your smaller steps in achieving that dream. If you're doing the daily, weekly, monthly things right you'll ooze confidence. Why? Because you'll know deep down you're on the right path and are putting in the necessary steps to achieve your dream. Do the little things right, regardless of the overall goal.

6 - Look after yourself

A no brainer! If you look after yourself by regularly exercising, eating well, sleeping well and keeping stress levels to a minimum, you'll absolutely begin to feel more confident in yourself. One of the main reasons people decide to exercise is to look and feel better, thus boosting overall confidence levels. You almost instantly feel better when you do something good for yourself. That morning workout may just set you up for the day and be that boost you need!

7 - Embrace failure

Failure is part of the process, any process. It's important that we embrace failure, by learning through mistakes and taking on any help and advice that will help us in our goals. If we don't embrace the setbacks and understand how potential barriers can strengthen us, it can be easy to get disheartened and before you know it confidence is in the gutter. Understand there will be barriers. Understand it won't be plain sailing. Understand there will be a lot to learn on the way. Fail forward.

8 - Take opportunities and be decisive in the moment

Take everyone opportunity that you feel could benefit you in your journey. If we are present and decisive, then we'll ultimately have control. Most people lose confidence when they are out of control. Worrying can be a loss of control in our heads, allowing a spiral of thoughts leading to what ifs. See an opportunity and take it. Fear or indecision can never be allowed to hold anyone back because if it does, success will never come.

9 - Ask for help and seek mentorship

Asking for help doesn't signify weakness, but shows a willingness to learn and develop. It's important to be aware of your own personal strengths and also areas that require improvement. From there you can seek help to further grow stronger and pursue your overall goal. Mentors are key in any process. You simply can't do it and learn it all yourself! Be it watching videos, reading articles or books or actively working alongside someone. We all draw inspiration and learn from people doing the thing we want to achieve. You watch, you take what is of use to you, you learn and as a result you become a more confident version of yourself. 

10 - Follow your burning passion

It's extremely important to live an honest life to you. We only get one shot and it's key we do the things in life that make us happy. One of the biggest regrets of the dying is those that live a life other people expected of them as opposed to what they truly wanted to live. If we are happy, expressing our creativity, honest with ourselves and making daily positive steps towards your own personal dream, then you'll live every single day full of confidence. Doing what means the most to to you is vital. Whatever it may be. It's so important to not live a life where we aren't happy on a day to day basis. If you find you are, it's time to change.

Some say I'm a confident person.

Some may see my content online, work with me in the gym or speak to me at seminars or at social events and believe me to have the ability to express without any insecurities, self doubt or even fear.

The fact is, I simply do my best to implement the above pointers, whilst remaining focused, being consistent and staying true to my bigger goal set. It's always going to be about the journey and not the destination. Taking the above steps will literally transform the way you look, act and feel and have such a profound impact going forward.


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