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The ATHLETIC STRENGTH ACADEMY (ASA) is the dedicated conditioning course to improve complete body strength, speed, mobility and performance ensuring you become more athletic and efficient in your sport. Whether you’re training for an event, want to improve your running technique, agility or simply want to feel fitter, stronger and healthier, the ASA is for you.

I think it’s important we all train like athletes. That doesn’t mean “smashing” the gym, hobbling out and leaving in a pool of sweat every time. It means training with intensity, training smart, training in a way that supports you and your goals all whilst consistently learning throughout.

ASA is a 6 week course with up to 3 sessions per week available to attend. All members get unlimited access to any of the sessions during the 6 weeks (attending a potential 18 sessions maximum), a complete workout log to keep forever, the opportunity to learn exactly how to get the most from your training and my complete support throughout. I’ll also provide exclusive access to my private Facebook group and eBooks, as well as discounts for future ASA courses!

Sessions will take place at The Locker Fitness, Houldsworth Mill, Houldsworth Street, SK5 6DA in Reddish.

You can find a video here on how to get into the gym

Simply complete the form on this page and I’ll keep you posted on the next course start date.

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